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At Soulidarity LLC, we believe that true wellness goes beyond the physical. Our holistic bodywork and massage therapy are designed to empower you to live a balanced life - physically, mentally, and spiritually. Discover our range of holistic services dedicated to nurturing your well-being.

Discovery Session

Every new client starts by booking a discovery session.

This is an 80-minute in-person session that involves a thorough discussion to identify all your wellness goals. It contains massage & bodywork to lay the foundation for an individualized treatment plan.

Let's go! I am so excited to meet you.

80 min  Session $225

*Limited Time Offer $180

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Unleash Your Inner Wellness

After experiencing a fulfilling Discovery Session, you can explore and select from these tailored Empower Sessions and packages. I've seen the incredible results and transformations my clients achieve through this level of support and investment in themselves. Your journey is about to become even more empowering and rewarding!

Empower Holistic

Immerse yourself in a profound journey into holistic healing techniques that bring your mind, body, and spirit into perfect harmony. This comprehensive offering integrates the transformative power of coaching, energy work, mindfulness exercises, and expert massage and bodywork. These elements work in synergy to lead you toward complete balance, revitalization, and inner harmony.

80 min Session $225

10 Sessions Package $1800 ($180 per session)
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Empower Sports


Elevate Your Athletic Journey to new heights with our specialized sports bodywork. It's not just about sports; it's about reaching your full potential. This personalized support optimizes your Athletic Performance, Accelerating Recovery, Preventing Injuries, and Boosting Strength and flexibility.

50 min session $150

80 min session $225

10-Sessions Package $1800 ($180 per session)

Youth Sports

I am passionate about supporting young athletes on their journey to peak performance, vibrant health, and well-being. Youth Sports is designed to keep them in top condition, prevent injuries, and elevate their game. Because every young athlete deserves a path to success, and I am here to help them reach it.

* Minors (all clients under 18, unless legally emancipated) are welcome to experience the benefits of massage therapy & bodywork with me, provided they have the appropriate parental / guardian consent.


50 min session $120

10-Sessions Package $1000 ($100 per session)
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Empower Body

Empower Bodywork

Indulge in various bodywork sessions designed to bring soothing relief and reinvigoration to your body. These customized Bodywork and Massage sessions are thoughtfully tailored to your unique needs, incorporating techniques such as Myofascial Release, FasciaBlasting, Cupping, Tapotement, and Stretch techniques.

50 min session $120

10-Sessions Package $1000 ($100 per session)

80 min session $180

10-Sessions Package $1500 ($150 per session)

Empower Relaxation Bodywork

Balinese and Lomi Lomi Fusion Massage

Embark on a captivating journey where the age-old traditions of Balinese and Lomi Lomi massage unite to sweep you into deep relaxation. Fusing these two sacred practices, the light stretching, aromatherapy of Balinese, and the flowing strokes of Lomi Lomi create a harmonious symphony of wellness for your body and spirit. It's not just a massage; it's an invitation to experience profound serenity and renewal in a paradise of your own.

50 min session $100

10-Sessions Package $800 ($80 per session)

80 min session $150

10-Sessions Package $1200 ($120 per session)
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Empower Energy

Embark on a transformative journey into energy healing, where we harmonize your inner energies, helping you unlock your true potential. The personalized session combines powerful methods like Human Design, Polarity, Reiki, Chakra, Crystal, and Somatic healing to guide you toward balance and inner peace, addressing unhealed emotional and spiritual wounds.

Discover your authentic self, shine brightly, and embrace true harmony. Your journey to healing and self-discovery begins here.

80 min session $180

10-Sessions Packages $1500 ($150 per session)


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Empower Pregnancy

As a certified prenatal LMT, I'm here to celebrate and support the incredible journey of motherhood in this specialized treatment; I provide a perfect blend of comfort and support. The personalized sessions ease discomfort, reduce stress, and elevate overall well-being. It's a chance to relax, bond with your growing baby, and prepare for a positive birthing experience in a  nurturing environment. You deserve this exceptional care during this unique time.

 80 min session $180

10-Sessions Package $1500 ($150 per session)


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