Candy G Foelix

  • A licensed massage therapist and bodyworker with 16 years of experience
  • Implements a holistic approach to her work and specializes in neuromuscular therapy, athletic performance, injury prevention & recovery, fascia restoration, emotional health coaching, and energy & somatic healing
  • Currently the President of Child of this Culture Foundation, a Hip Hop Arts & Sports 501c3 organization in the USA
  • An Associate Editor of the BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine editorial board
  • Sports commentator, combining her love for breaking with her skills in communication and analysis
  • Host & Producer of the Souls of Hip Hop Podcast with her husband, Pascal. (Currently has three seasons)
  • Mother of two spirited humans.
  • Passionate about helping others improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual health and always looking for ways to contribute to that process

I feel grateful to be able to help people through my work as a massage therapist and bodyworker and to be involved in meaningful projects that combine my passions and interests.

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