Who Am I ?

Candy G. Foelix (she/her) is ​​a licensed massage therapist & bodyworker with 15 years of experience.

She implements a holistic approach to her work and specializes in neuromuscular therapy, athletic performance, injury prevention & recovery, fascia restoration, emotional health coaching, and energy & somatic healing.

Candy is currently President of Child of this Culture Foundation, A Hip Hop Arts & Sports 501c3 Organization in the USA. One of COTC's initiatives is the development of sport & exercise health & risk management for breaking. As a new Associate Editor, Candy was recently welcomed to the BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine editorial board.

When Candy is not helping others, you can find her producing the Souls of Hip Hop Podcast with her husband, Pascal, painting with her toddler,  Giselle, and watching anime with her teen Sasha.


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